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Study Go Day 3

Go Tell! Today everyone was tired and we coudl all tell today at vacation bible school. I finally got the paperwork off to ETS and that was such a relieve. I knew my dad was only trying to help me and I was mad at him yesterday but today I thanked him for the push and was glad he is there to do it. I also have to find out what time I start every morning and I am kinda looking forward to see what exactly it is that I am going to be doing. I continued the search today for phd. and Ed.d programs and haven't quite figured out what I am going to concetrate in. I looked at Michgan University and boy it costs alot and then looked at Morgan State and that didn't cost quite as much but still alot of money. Totally different programs. I need to pray more about the direction God has for me. Go Tell what would I tell? I would share that God has never left my side and always brought me through so different situations. He has protected me always. To another summer day!  

Study Go Day 2

Go Risk!  Today's listen was about 'Esther and how she risked her life to go in front of the king and save her people. She was brave. I thought to myself while I teaching class am I brave do I take risks. I am such a person that goes for the comfort zone. There was such an interesting conversation too while teaching about hating someone to the point where you become bitter. At such a young age I was thinking wow I was totally oblivously to that because I was such a book worm and nerd during those time periods. I was the kid being picked on during middle school and high school. My padre got on my nerves today and I know its because he wants me to do good but I want to rest and be lazy but that didn't happen. I want to wake up when I want to wake up and not do anything, A couple more days and I will be interning. To more summer days ahead.

Studio Go Day 1

The first day of VBS was a great one. We started late as it always happens on the first day. The 5th and 6th graders were good a lot of girls and and 2 boys. And thanks too a girl from the neighborhood came too. It was about Gideon and being a leader. All these kids are at a time where they are discovering thier leadership skills and I hope they will become good leaders too. That is my prayer for these preteens. I emailed my boss about the internship and the trip to the big D and it was alright with them. I appreciate my Dad suggesting to me that I call to show that I am considerate. Also called the loan people to day too and I got all my information right too. My doggy to the vet and the cute vet tech was there and smiled at him and my dog xerox is doing better with his skin rash and allergies. To another summer day!

Summer Days Ahead

Well long time no write but ehh been busy and it has been such a journey too. I graduated finally and went through a storm of having to rewrite for comprehensive exam. And that was such a learning experience. I have such great friends that were supportive and helped along the way. Thank You God for putting such awesome people in my life. Then I had my first how should I put it "run in" with my boss. My boss has such a sarcastic sense of humor and I didn't understand and then I said some things back and realizing that I should not have said those things I apologized ans boss accepted. Then had the nerve to call be back in to the office and tell boss needs respect. And the boss brought previous instances and so did I The good thing she did stick to her word and its as if nothing happened. Oh and to put a cherry on the whole situation I will be spending some time with the boss lady at a conference all week in the big D. I see this as opportunity to get to know her better or learn some interesting facts about her. That will definitely be a long car ride and a long week.  Then to add to the list of summer days, I got the internship at ETS this summer and that will be good too, a chanc to see what it would be like outside of the classroom. To a great summer!

Spring Break was full of rest.

So this semester had been an undertaking and I would have never been able to do it without my Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for guiding through this whole process and always being by my side. RIght before spring break started I felt my body getting sick and chose to ignore it, so by Tuesday of Spring Break I was full out sick and finally went to the doctor and got some medincine. The rest of the week was spent in bed hacking and blowing all the junk out of my body. I was sleeping and watching way too much television but that was all I could do. My body needed it and now I fam ully charged to get through this last month before comps and continue on with my study schedule and classwork.  Then Lord willing I will graduate in May. Today was the day I enjoyed a day out with my parents and had a little retail therapy too. What can I say I love shoes!

Avoiding Homework

I am avoiding doing my homework as we speak. I noticed I hadn't posted in a while and decided to post. Not quite sure what to write about. I really should do my homework. So ever since I created the blog for class, I have been able to keep up with my favorite television show Ugly Betty. I am able to do so through the community that I joined. The community is very active and post things about the different actors on the show and upcoming esisodes. So while I am in class I know some member of the community will post about the episode and I will be able to know what happen on the show. Ugly Betty Rocks and now I must go do homework.

My Personality and other things

So today was President's Day and it was inservice, a day without students. The morning presention was about personalities and know yours and how to work with other personalities that coworkers have. It was good to put a name to my own personality and identify my strenghts and weaknesses, or should I say admit my weaknesses. So then we had training about our Curriculum Mangement System on how to pull reports from the system and it was ehh okay. Then lunch and finally time to plan, YES. How come we can never get time to plan? That is the part that I would greatly appreciate cause most of time I plan after school or take time to plan at home. It sucks, but I am getting better at it. Today I got would I like to call, "the holy grail", it was the schedule for oral defense of comps and whose's on my committee. It was like a moment where I heard the choral sing the awww in the harmony. Anyhow studying hard for comps every waking spare time I have and thankfully keeping time with class and well work is good but the paperwork is what i am behind on but ehh its paperwork and my lessons and delivery of lessons. 

Gifted Hands

Last night as I was trying to do my homework for grammar class, I stumbled upon an TNT movie that was really interesting, It was called Gifted Hands The Ben Carson Story. It was about a pediatric neurosurgeon who struggled through many challenges and to succeed in life. He was a product of a single mom, who didn't know how to read and wanted more her children. Young Ben Carson struggle with his temper and his constant doubt that he couldn't do it. His mom limited their amount of television watching and wanted her sons to read books and visit muesums. The line of the movie that I loved is when Ben's mom always told him I always knew you could do it and better than anyone else. It reminded me that there are many people in this world that have had similar experiences growing up and also need to have their story heard. And also that the love and support of a parent can motivate an child to do great things. I am so greatful for my parents for their love, support and constant prayers. So if you want to check out the info about the movie, here's a link http://www.tnt.tv/stories/story/?oid=44661

Another Day's Journey

Thank you Lord for getting me through this week. And I know you will see me through the rest of my days on this earth. Wenesday, my students and I went on a field trip and boy was it fun! We went to the Bontanical Gardens it was amazing I thought. The students really enjoyed it. Many of them have never been to the garden before or that side of town. Most of my students come from a low SES. And these field trips are such great experiences for my students. Though the tour guides didn't quite know how to talk with them but ehh I interjected and the students comprehended. Now then Friday my bosses invited everyone to a happy hour and enticed us faculty by saying they would pay for appetizers. I didn't want go cause I had other stuff do. I was peer pressured to go and many  of my coworkers begged and pleaded that I go.  I thought peer pressure was supposed to be over too once you become a professional. I didn't go and I was proud of myself for not surcoming to the peer pressure. In previous occasions I had surcome to the pressure and gone. My thought though is couldn't my bosses have thought of something else to do for the faculty besides going a happy hour. I think they could go outside the box just a little bet more. They could have helped us with something at work or something else. Not everyone likes to drink either. To another week  and I need to more disiplined about my studying and doing work for class.

Being a Professional is about Respect

So I thought after I left high school the gossip would be out the door as I grew up. In the workplace there seems to be gossip everywhere and nobody seems acknowledge that they are gossiping. Is there line to determine when you gossip and don't? I was doing so good at the beginning of the school year keeping my nose clean and not listening to the gossip and keeping my venting sessions to my most trusted co-workers, friends and family. And now is seems to this blog too :).  I now know too many things at my workplace that I shouldn't know about. I am stopping the gossip though and keeping it to myself. I am breaking the cycle of gossip.  And another thought shouldn't bosses set the tone about gossip and handle situations specifically to who it is affecting. It is not my fault that my coworker had to tell another something during meeting while my boss was talking. But my boss is addressing the situation with all the faculty by having us come up with rules of how we should act during a meeting. Come On! I am professional and feel disrespected a tad bit. I then but some blame on my boss because the boss has allowed this to happen repeatedly during several meetings and didn't say anything then. It sucks because  my boss isn't being a good leader.  And the leader sets the example for good climate among the workplace. The climate at my workplace was going good and increasing and it felt like everybody was happy all my coworkers. Now I think this throws a wrench into the whole situation at my workplace. So we shall see how things play out at work as my focus continues to be on my students.